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Sunday, March 15, 2009


29/M Para 1 @ 38W + 5D
ANC: uneventful
Day 1-post SVD
Intrapartum uneventful- EBL 200cc
delivered a baby girl; BW of 2.46kg, with good apgar 9 (1min) 10 (5min)

Patient comfortable.
No excessive PV bleeding, asymptomatic anaemia
PU freely. Normal lochia
Baby: pink, active. No jaundice. PU and BO already
however noted vomiting X2-3 episodes, milk particles, no blood or billius
clinically not jaundice, not dehydrated, anterior frontanelle not sunken, abdomen- not distended.
Baby referred to paed- admitted to 5D

general: alert, not pale
BP 100/70, pulse 92 bpm, afebrile
PA: soft, non-tender. uterus well contracted 24 week size- bladder palpable
Normal lochia

Impresion Normal postpartum

patient was encourage to PU- review in PM- bladder not palpable per abdomen


5:13 pm
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